Ticket Reservations

A ticket reservation is the system that reserves tickets and add-ons while a customer is checking out. You can think of it as acting similarly to a shopping cart. The user adds items (tickets and add-ons), and once they are ready the Ticket Reservation record is created and they have 8 minutes to complete their order.

The Ticket Reservation can end in one of 3 states:

  1. The user complets their TicketReservation within the 8 minutes. If this is the case, we set the “completed_at” timestamp to the time when they completed their ticket reservation to purchase their tickets.
  2. The user cancels their TicketReservation. The user changed their mind for some reason and clicked on “Cancel” in the UI. If this is the case, we will set the “canceled_at” field on the record to the time they canceled.
  3. The user abandoned their TicketReservation. In this case, both the “completed_at” and “canceled_at” fields will be null. Be sure to look at the “expires_at” time to verify that the TicketResrvation is expired and is not a TicketReservation that is currently in progress.

Ticket Reservations require at least one admission ticket or add-on in order to be created. However, we ask for the user’s first name, last name, and email address later in the checkout process. There is no guarantee that we will collect their email address on the TicketReservation record.