Show Confirm

Returns the data for a single Confirm.

Please pay special attention to the venue_capacity attribute of the Confirm. Even though  a Venue record has a capacity, which is typically the number of seats in a venue, the venue_capacity value is the actual capacity that will be honored for this show.

There are situations where this value may be higher or lower than the actual capacity of the venue record. For example, with COVID, many shows had a lower venue_capacity value than the actual capacity of the venue due to restrictions. Another example are dance night events, in which many people come and go from the venue. For events like this, the venue_capacity value may actually be significantly higher than the actual capacity of the venue.

Also note, do not use tickets_sold_percentage to render the percentage chart. This value is calculated based on our Eventbrite integration, which we are in the process of replacing with our own ticketing system.

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