Show All Confirms For Venue

By default, this endpoint returns all Confirms that are owned by the team for all venues. This endpoint supports the standard pagination parameters in addition to a couple of GET Query params to allow the results to be scoped by venue or searched:

venue_idThe id of the venue for the confirm
searchScope the results to only confirms where the title is similar to the search value
has_tickets_types=trueOnly list confirms that have ticket types configured (indicating tickets are available to be purchased)
q[start_time_lteq]=2021-09-08T13:18:56-04:00Filter for events where the start_time is before the given time (in the past, iso8601 format)
q[start_time_gteq]=2021-09-08T13:18:56-04:00Filter for events where the start_time is past the given time (in the future, iso8601 format)
q[s]=start_time%20ascSort confirms by its start_time in asc order
q[calendar_classification_eq]=on_saleOnly list confirms that have been published by the venue (indicating the event has tickets for sale)
q[calendar_classification_eq]=pastOnly list confirms that are in the past (and no longer on sale)
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